Whimzio isn't just for families...
Schools love to partner with Whimzio, too!

Why should your school get involved?
Celebrate Every Student
Whimzio is an easy-to-use platform for kids of all ages! Our completely free website gives schools the opportunity to showcase each and every one of their students’ art online.
Easy Sharing
Share art amongst families and teachers! Don’t worry about art getting lost in your kid’s backpack, Whimzio will store art safely and indefinitely.
Enhance Learning & Encourage Confidence
Schools can teach students technology skills and encourage them to be proud of their creations by publishing them. See your students light up as their gallery grows!
Track Progress
When schools consistently use Whimzio to publish creations, students see how much they’ve progressed throughout the years. From writing and spelling improvements, to more complete drawings, students gain a sense of pride.

How do I sign up my students?

Teachers can create a Whimzio account for their class, or ask parents to create an account at home. Store writing projects and artwork for simple and easy sharing between parents, teachers, and students.