Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! We’ve created a website like nothing that has ever been done before, so we get this question a lot. Whimzio is a place for kids to express themselves and develop their creativity skills. By signing up for a free account, kids and parents can upload creations to our website where they can be shared and celebrated. The more creations you post, the more activities you’ll earn. Whimzio is where kids’ art goes.
Yes! There’s no hidden fees, no pop-ups asking you to buy something -- we don’t even have a place to enter in your credit card information. This website is completely free! We want every kid to be able to express him or herself and share their art.
There is none! Whimzio was created out of genuine desire to give kids a place to be proud of their art. We want kids to gain confidence and be able to view creations from different young artists around the world. It’s really that simple.
Safety is a priority for us, and we can guarantee that our website is safe for kids of all ages. Our Whimtastic team approves and monitors every creation submission so that we can foster a positive community of young artists.
Yes! Whimzio is used by all ages. We have many artists who are below the age of three, and we love seeing their creations. Parents upload their kid’s artwork to share easily with family and friends. Parents and young artists can also browse our website together to find inspiring creations from other kids. Families enjoy using Whimzio to share art, of any level.
Choose a username that does not contain any personal information, such as your address, last name, zip code, phone number, or school you attend. Keep your identity safe. To create a username, try starting with a favorite color or sport. Then, add a few numbers to ensure that your username is unique.
We want to encourage young artists everywhere to keep creating, so we’ve created an incentive program. With each post, kids will become closer to earning free, downloadable activities that they can print off and complete at home. These activities include original Whimzio coloring pages, creative writing prompts, connect the dots worksheets, and more! When your artist is done, then upload their new creation to their gallery.
We currently have four levels and activities for kids to achieve. They are as follows:
Level 1: Earned after first creation is posted and approved.
Level 2: Earned after 10 creations are posted and approved.
Level 3: Earned after 30 creations are posted and approved.
Level 4: Earned after 100 creations are posted and approved.
After posting creations to your Whimzio account, you can then send friends and family members a link to the creation. No more shoving old artwork into a closet or under the bed! Share and celebrate creations with others easily and freely.
Whimzio is a permanent art gallery for young artists, so your account will never expire. Post everyday or post once a year -- your gallery will be there for you to revisit whenever and wherever.
You don’t have to have a scanner to upload creations. Feel free to use your cell phone to take a picture of a creation and upload it that way.
Creations typically take about 24 hours to be approved and published on the website. This time can vary based on how many creations are waiting to be approved by our team.
Creations will not be approved if they contain foul language or are deemed offensive by our team. The individual user will get a notification of why their post was not approved, and will be asked to resubmit a different piece of art.
There is NO limit to how many creations you can post.
Schools love Whimzio! Schools create accounts on Whimzio in order to share creations with parents. It’s completely free! Additionally, Whimzio acts as a great way to track the progress of a student throughout the school year. Read more about it on our Collaborate page.
Each month, our team at Whimzio chooses a handful of creations that we find fun and extremely creative. We try to feature artists from various different age groups and categories. Posting more creations can increase your chances of being posted onto our Popular Now feed.
No. Other users can see the name of the artist and his or her creation, but there is no contact information listed to the public. This is to ensure our users’ privacy and safety.
Visit our Contact Us page to ask a more specific question or send us a comment! We love feedback!