You've got a mountain of beautiful creations from your kids... and limited wall space.
Now what?

Welcome to Whimzio, where kids’ art goes!

Nobody likes to throw away a piece of art from their kids, but there’s just so much art, and so little space on the fridge door! That’s where we come in. In this digital world, kids’ creations should be cherished, shared, and stored with ease. Our community mission is simple: we’re here to celebrate the stunning creativity of our kids!

Explore By Age And Category

We want kids to be inspired by other kids. It’s simple. A four-year-old artist can look up to a 10 year-old-artist’s creations, becoming excited and encouraged at what they can soon create. That same 10-year-old can look back at their own creations and appreciate how far they’ve come.

Kid-Friendly Environment

We’ve designed a safe, monitored space for kids of all ages. After you upload a creation, our whimtastic team will review the artwork and approve it. Kids love Whimzio, and parents love it, too.

Levels And Free Activities

We motivate kids to keep creating! The more they upload, the more they earn. Unlock original art activities such as coloring pages, creative writing prompts, and more. Download at home and upload them to your artist’s collection later!

Why Sign Up?

Whimzio is the kid-friendly digital art gallery that houses all of their wonderful creations, but it’s also a place for inspiration, growth, and creativity. With Whimzio, young artists can thrive and inspire others to keep creating! Join now and see what all the fun is about.